Why Blink Webcam Cover?

In the Blink of an eye, your private life can become very public.

Information such as this can become extremely useful in the wrong hands:

  • When are you away from home
  • Recordings of very private moments
  • Credit Card information
  • Your Identity
  • Are you Working? (Corporate Spying)

Now is easier than ever for people with very minimal hacking skills around the world to control your computer and record a constant feed of your computer’s webcam.


The Solution

Blink is an affordable one-time solution to this widespread problem.

Instead of hoping your computer has not been compromised, we believe you should have the control to determine when your webcam is viewable.

Our solution is simple: a sleek slider that covers your webcam when you choose to, blocking the view of any potential attacker.

This is the only guarantee to the privacy of your webcam.

Sleek and Slim

The smallest product on the market is big enough to get the job done.

Blink measures less than 0.7mm in thickness and is hardly noticeable when installed on your laptop. Due to its insanely slim profile, Blink will not impede your laptop from closing.

The strong 3M backing ensures that it will stay on to give you years of protection but can easily be removed if needed.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • This is an awesome product, which I've only had for a couple of days now, which is thin enough to use without interfering with the closing of the MacBook Air (13.3" is the model I have). The installation is a breeze, and it easily slides with a gentle push of a finger to either allow or block camera access. I also slapped on my iPhone 7 Plus and so far, the adhesive seems strong enough for light mobility (in and out of my coat pocket, backpack, etc.)

  • Great product could not be happier. Arrived as advertised and will buy from vendor again. Have on my MacBook Pro and Cinema Display monitor, gave the other one to my son who has on his iPhone 7s+. Works great on all devices

  • I tried several others and some don't close the lid. Very small and truly ultra-thin

  • I saw this product on a Facebook advertisement and was very intrigued. I purchased this that night and it arrived very promptly. The setup instructions were very straightforward and are clearly written on the package as well as found on their website. The true test was to see if this caused any gap between the lid and the body when closed. I am very happy to say that it closed perfectly without any issues.

    Carl H
    Carl H

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