Take Control of Your Privacy
with a sleek webcam cover

Security at Your Fingertip

Blink Metal Laptop Camera Cover Slide

for all Mac and many PC laptops including MacBook Pro 2017


Blink Webcam Cover front view


What good is a security shield that doesn’t stick around? Blink’s adhesive is easy to install and coats the entire back of the slide.


The smallest product on the market is big enough to get the job done. Blink is so discreet, we put the lock logo as a reminder to slide shut after use.


In the Blink of an eye, your private life can become very public. While the latest celebrity photo leak or corporate hack is the furthest thing from most of our minds, information like–when are you away from home, how big is your family, what kind of car do you drive-can become extremely useful in the wrong hands.

Blink puts the power to decide when your webcam is accessible in your fingertip. So the question never needs to be why, but:

Why Not?

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