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1 – Gently clean the surface of the screen around the webcam using a microfiber cloth. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, look for a cloth for cleaning eyeglasses, or find a non-abrasive soft cloth that is not paper-based to avoid scratching.


– Open an application that activates and displays the view of the webcam, such as Facetime on a Mac or the Camera app on Windows. This will activate the small webcam light if there is one and give you the field of view so that you know if you’re blocking it.


3 – Remove Blink from its packaging and carefully remove the blue backing without touching the 3M adhesive it uncovers. Holding Blink by its edges, making sure not to let the 3M adhesive backing touch anything until you’re ready to stick it to the screen.


4 – Position Blink such that the webcam is positioned in the middle of Blink’s window when open, making sure that the light is not blocked, the webcam view is not impeded at all, and the lock logo is right side up.


5 – Press against the edges of the Blink for 5 seconds.


6 – Share your experience!

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