5 Webcam Problems You May Be Exposed to Without Knowing

Privacy is the last real freedom, and it’s under attack

So what?

I got nothing to hide.

Most of us know that the government, hackers or even a teenager can hack into our webcam. The majority of us have nothing to hide but access to your webcam is a threat to even those of us who aren’t one the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Here are a few examples where someone recording your webcam feed could really hurt you.

1. Identity fraud

By viewing you through a webcam, hackers can record videos of your actions and speech. After doing so, they can sell the recordings online to identity thieves, who may use the recordings to pretend to be you.

2. Recording “inappropriate things”

Needless to say, many people spend time on their computers doing inappropriate things. Unfortunately for those with webcams, it is possible for hackers to record you while you do these inappropriate things. Once obtaining the recording, the hacker may post it online, sell it to someone else, or blackmail you.

3. Corporate spying

Many are already aware of this possibility—especially those who use corporate laptops. In some companies, managers and executives may watch you through your webcam while you are using it at home. While the intent here is to encourage employees to use their corporate laptops for productive purposes, it is safe to say that this capability is often abused. In a few cases, what you do at home may unknowingly affect your employment.

4. Credit Card Theft

While recording you through a webcam, it is fairly easy for a hacker to view your desk and private information that may be on it. One example includes your credit card information—whether it’s when you pull it out for online purchases or if you just left it on the table. If obtained, these hackers typically sell your credit card information to experts in credit card theft. After all, why would a criminal rely on stealing credit card information in person when they can just buy it off of the dark web?

5. Risk of Robbery

With access to your webcam, thieves can view a significant part of your residence—especially if you move your laptop around. This will let them view your household items, as well as potential exits, etc. Further, if they watch and record you for long enough (creepy, we know), then they may begin to recognize your schedule and plot out the ideal time to break into your home.

So What Can You Do?

The most effective thing that you can do is physically cover-up your webcam when you are not using it. With this method, you never have to worry about someone compromising your webcam because they wouldn’t be able to see anything. If you’re interested in finding an effective webcam cover, check out our webcam covers here —they’re durable, easy to use, stylish, and available on Amazon.

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