Picking The Right Webcam Cover

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Webcam cover:

Ready to take control of your privacy with a brand new webcam cover? We know it’s easy to get lost trying to find the perfect webcam cover so we outlined exactly what you need to look for to get the best value.

1- Price

In general, webcam covers run fairly low-priced. The sweet spot is usually between $5 to $10. Spending less than $5 will likely result in an extremely cheap product that won’t last long. Spending more than $10 per cover will only produce limited additional benefits.

2- Durability

Most webcam covers are made of plastic. Many of the webcam covers that you see on websites like Amazon claim to be “high-grade durable plastic,” which often is just marketing language for “cheapest plastic we could find.” Webcam cover manufacturers who use metal significantly decrease profit margins when they have to sell below $10. Don’t worry, though. Webcam covers that use metal still exist within the $5-10 range and quickly prove their value by handling a variety of incidents—whether it’s closing your laptop too hard, dropping your computer, or just hitting the edge of your screen by accident.

3- Robust adhesive

What’s the point of having a webcam cover if it keeps falling off? When this happens, it goes without saying that you need a new one. It’s best to search for webcam covers that are entirely backed with adhesive stripping, rather than just one or two panes of the adhesive. Fully coated adhesive backs significantly decreases the chance your webcam cover will fall off.

4- Proper design

Whenever you’re adding something to an expensive device like your laptop, you want to take into consideration both the functional design, as well as the aesthetic of the addition. You should have this same mindset when dealing with webcam covers. Always search for a webcam covers specifically designed for your laptop make and model.

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